Illuminating the Shadow

* I play Illuminating the Shadow everyday when I get home from work and it puts me in a very positive space. I feel the music clearing all of the stress and negative energies from both my home and myself. It is my most favourite CD. I love it! - Peggy Groom

* “For the past 2 years, I have been working with people with life threatening illnesses.  I have been using therapeutic touch and healing touch within the hospice community-based program with my clients. My clients continually request Illuminating the Shadow, over other music that I have used, while we do the relaxation techniques. Some clients have visualized profound colour and intense relaxation. This music has a two-fold purpose. Being the facilitator, I have been able to do 5 – 5-hour sessions a week without getting tired. It keeps me centered. This deep relaxation has been awesome. I still continue to use Illuminating the Shadow to this day.
- Sally Blaney Retired Registered Nurse

 Pet Ease

* I give workshops for animals and their owners. When I used Pet Ease in the background, a group of barking dogs who were terrified of being away from their owners, all of a sudden, stopped barking and relaxed. When I turned the music off they started to bark again. I have also noticed that it keeps people relaxed but focused when I am teaching new techniques.
- Robyn Hood T.T.E.A.M.

* I had to give my dog, Gemma, to a friend. Gemma became very homesick and was having a hard time settling into her new surroundings. She wouldn't eat for days. I told my friend to play Pet Ease (Infinite Joy). Within minutes, Gemma got up, went to her food dish and began to eat. She hasn't had a problem since.
- Lambie Heighton

*Just wanted to let you know that I have had a good response with the Pet Ease CD. My main purpose for this CD was to bring comfort to one of shelties. She is my performance dog, is very sensitive and suffers from some separation anxiety. The big test was to be an upcoming out of town dog show. This is stressful for this dog to be in a noisy environment at a show and then left in a strange environment in a motel. So I started using the CD at home when I left her in her kennel for short periods. When I came home she seems quite relaxed. So when the time came for the out of town show I brought our CD player and the Pet Ease CD with us. The big test would be how would she be with being left in the motel, would she bark or whine? So whenever I left her in the motel room in her kennel, I put on the Pet Ease CD and she was quite as a mouse. Even though you could hear other dogs fussing a bit from other rooms, my little sheltie was quiet and calm. Thank you for this music, it has made a positive difference for us.

- Betty Scott & Suzie (my little sheltie)

 Sea Magic

* In Australia, an owner of a Dalmatian who was always getting car sick played Sea Magic in the car. Within minutes of working the dogs ears and playing Sea Magic, the dog curled up and went to sleep and never got car sick for the whole 6 hour trip. Now the owner plays the music for 10 minutes before the dog goes in the car and the dog settles in the car without a problem.
- Robyn Hood T.T.E.A.M. International

* My 12 year old cat, Buddy, is on a medication that tends ( at least it appears to me ) to make him ill. I thought if the music can prevent motion sickness, why can't it prevent nausea from medications? So I played it in the evening after he took his dose and he didn't get sick. I noticed the nights I didn't play it , he would vomit through the night. I suppose you could also play it before the medication is given but it seems to work well afterwards, too. Coincidence? I don't know. I just know we're a lot happier with the results.
- Luann Gallagher

* I find Sea Magic motivates me when I need inspiration in my Art. It's an excellent calming and inspirational tool.
- O.N. - Teacher, Artist

* Playing Sea Magic during my One Brain Workshops and Individual Sessions accelerated the learning capabilities and processed the issues more gently.
- Lynn Williams R.N. - Emotional and Nutritional Counselor

* Sea Magic relaxes my stress and fear of driving on the Highway.

- B.Mc. - P.S. Teacher

 Infinite Mind 1 and 2

* When I use Infinite Mind in my seminars on working with your animal positively, I find that it enhances the learning process and people learn and remember the new techniques easier and without frustration.
- Robyn Hood T.T.E.A.M. International

* My dog Bertie, who is now 2 years old, has had severe epilepsy since he was 10 months old. He was also hyper active and very absentminded. When I played Infinite Mind 1 and 2, we saw an immediate change both physically and physiologically after hearing it once. His eyes are now clear and he is much more alert. When Bert was in seizure mode, playing the music continuously would keep him from seizuring. If a seizure occurred, starting the music would calmly bring him out of it and prevent further seizures. It didn't cure his epilepsy but it bought us time to find a cure. As I was playing Infinite Mind for Bertie, I noticed my own mental clarity was being enhanced. I wasn't feeling overwhelmed and I could keep lists in my head.
- Marianne Bertrand

* I was in a near fatal car crash 6 months ago - courtesy of a drunk driver. My injuries included skull fracture, loss of memory and body whiplash. I was in a coma for 3 days and hospitalized for a month. Upon awakening the doctors told me that it would take years to recover from the 95% memory loss I experienced.

After playing Infinite Mind 1 and 2 for only 2 months I have recovered about 80% of my memory. The steady repetitive rhythm has helped keep me focused and attentive as I relearn reading and writing skills. With this music, I can now read and understand a story the first time through. My progress has surprised my doctors and therapists. They say I am 5 years ahead of the normal rate of recovery.

During this time, I suffered from insomnia and paranoia due to my head injuries. I used Sea Magic (another of Sharon's tapes). which totally relaxed me and helped me sleep peacefully.
- P. M., - T.V. actress/model

* I can organize my projects and get my homework completed in almost half the time when I play the music.

- Sarah N.- student


* Daily playing of Transcension brings calmness and peacefulness to my thoroughbred and Arabian.  One of my horses who was really aggressive and angry became gentle and loving and this continued even after the music stopped.  This attitude is a continual evolving change and we are both having fun learning and growing together.
- Heather Howarth

* I have felt that Pet Ease and Transcension have had a calming effect on my dog and household. I couldn't believe the first time I heard Transcension and the calming effect it had on my dog and myself.  Due to circumstances in our daily life, my dog and I were both very angry and upset.  Within 15 minutes of listening to the music, we were both calmed right down. for 24 hours after, even though we had only listened to it for 45 minutes.  By playing both tapes on a daily basis, the whole household is feeling the positive effects of this calming music.

- Delphine Smith

 Infinite Joy

* Infinite Joy is also being used in a variety of regular grade classrooms in an inner city school setting in Scarborough. Used during focused work periods and silent reading periods, the teachers have consistently reported a general calming and focusing influence on the students. Students also request the music if the teacher does not play it which would reflect the children's own awareness of the benefits of the music.
- Robert Bedford - Teacher and Librarian

* When my brother was dying, he was hallucinating and had not slept for 24 hours despite the medication. After five minutes of playing Infinite Joy he slept quietly and thereafter we used the tape instead of tranquilizers.
- Dr. Patricia Kerr

* After having painful dental work done, I listened to Infinite Joy and felt remarkably better.
- Peter Sawade, Sound Technician

* One night, when I was very sick, I woke up around 5 A.M. with a headache and an upset stomach. I was feeling horrible. I couldn't get back to sleep. I decided to play Infinite Joy to see if it could help me settle down and the next thing I knew, it was noon.

- Timothy Benson (student)



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