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Playing Pet Ease or Transcension quietly and continuously in the background, in your office, store, in the kennels or while grooming an animal brings a quiet calm to your environment. Animals, owners and staff all feel the effect. Your day flows easier so does the animals.

"All of my dogs are extremely nervous during severe thunderstorms. After 20 minutes of playing Pet Ease, they were all quietly sleeping. I was impressed. When I have to do minor surgical procedures or dentistry the dog is less stressed when the tape is being played. I would recommend that kennels and sick wards play this music for an overall calming effect."
- Dr. S. K. Veterinarian

"Recently, I took the Pet Ease CD to work with me at the Veterinary Surgery Clinic. I left the CD playing in the dog run room where the dogs wait for surgery and recover from surgery on a busy Saturday. Everyone I work with noticed the difference! (And many of my coworkers are skeptical of such ideas) The whining, crying, and scratching went away AND the animals in recovery seemed to have a much smoother time coming out from under anesthesia. I hope all veterinary clinics will play "Pet Ease" in their clinics to help the animals have a positive experience. Thanks"
- Kathy Tompson Surgery Clinic Dallas, Texas

"In this last year, my elderly Jack Russel's digestive system does not respond well to out of the ordinary stresses in routine. This is a result of a serious infection he had which required a stay in intensive care on IV fluids. I gave the Pet Ease CD to the clinic that, after some convincing, played it in the intensive care area. Not only was he more at home with his situation but also the vet techs remarked that all of the animals quieted down in the unit. I use Pet Ease regularly to ease the stresses of any unavoidable changes in his routine."
- Pat Prevost, King City, Ontario, Canada

I took my beloved 15-year-old cat Sunshine to a specially recommended holistic Veterinarian - to deal with a variety of health issues, including Asthma. When I arrived I found 5 dogs and 3 cats, sitting in a beautiful room - receiving a variety of treatments for hip dysphasia and various other maladies. The Cassette "Transcension" was playing, and the animals were clearly entranced by it! I purchased the Cassette, and once home, found I could halt Sunshine's Asthma attack and relax her totally, simply by playing the cassette. Gradually her attacks lessened and she live happily to the ripe old age of 21."
- Rosemary Roche

Transcension now comes in CD. I have a number of kennels using Pet Ease. You can read their Testimonies. Read Quiets Kennels as well. The formula pattern in the music helps the animals to sleep deeper. The Music Research explains how the music works on the brainwaves.

Photo Description

Pet Ease

Uses of Pet Ease:

  • Calms During Thunderstorms
  • During or after Operations or Sickness
  • Quiets Kennels
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Being Left Alone
  • Emotional Stress When Settling Into a New Home


Uses of Transcension:

  • Uplifts the soul
  • Calming effect, takes you home by finding that inner peacefulness
  • Takes you to another level of moving forward
  • An autistic child came out of a tantrum with the music playing

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