Releases Stress and Anxiety,
Being Left Alone, New Member of the Family

Playing Pet Ease quietly and continuously in the background, releases the stress and anxiety your pet might be feeling while being left alone, as a new puppy or kitten, as a rescued animal from the animal shelter or just the stress and anxiety in everyday life.

Pet Ease will help your animal to settle in and settle down quicker and easier. This music will create a safe and comfortable feeling for your animal. The formula pattern in the music helps your animal to sleep deeper. The research explains how the music works on the brainwaves.

Ways to Use The Music

If your animal experiences stress and anxiety having a bath, cleaning teeth, cutting nails, or going into the vet etc. play Pet Ease quietly in the background for a few days ahead of time without so he/she will relax when the music is playing. When you decide to do the above, play the music until your animal is relaxed and continue to play the music throughout and after the event. Pet Ease can make you tired, so I have a DO NOT DRIVE warning on the label. I personally have used it and the music has been very helpful in the car. I am extremely aware of its effect and turn it off if I have the slightest feeling of drowsiness.

My dog Spike, (a King Shepherd) absolutely despised having his nails cut. I discovered the above technique and he hardly noticed when I cut them. He also didn't like the vets. So I would sit outside the office playing Pet Ease in the car until they’d call us in. He would walk right in calmly, past the other dogs (this was very unusual for him) and he would be really docile with the Doctor. When I didn’t play Pet Ease, I would do the comedy routine - my usually obedient dog would turn into a horror story. Here I was struggling and pulling trying to get him into the office and he was pulling me out of the office. I'm sure some of you have lived this story."

"Normally any unusual disturbance on the farm has my elderly Jack Russel barking to the point of exhaustion unless I give him commands to lay down & to have a snooze. This requires my constant supervision, as he'll be right back up & barking as soon as I turn away. Recently the sunroom roof needed to be reshingled & this meant a daylong vigil to keep him from blowing a gasket. I put the Pet Ease on at first at a volume that competed with the banging on the roof. I delivered the commands to lay down & snooze, & as the first hour passed the commands held for longer & longer times. I gradually turned the volume down to background level & by the end of hour two I can count on one hand the number of times for the rest of the day that he got up out of his snooze to bark at the roofers. It was amazing!"
- Pat Prevost, King City

"I have a pet pigeon named Walter who keeps me awake most of the night with his cooing "I'm coool, I'm cooooool". Since I've been playing Pet Ease both Walter and I fall asleep long before the music is over. We’re both now getting a wonderful night sleep."
- Michael T. Wall

"I have a very timid cat that is afraid of coming in the house. One night, due to cold weather, we had to bring her inside. She wouldn't stop growling and she definitely would not settle down. I put her in my room and played Pet Ease. Within a very short time, she became relaxed and slept through the night."
- Timothy Benson

"Seems to be working, a friend borrowed the tape to use with a rescue kinkajou and He hasn’t bitten her this week, and even allowed her to stroke him. Thought you would like to know."
Paula B.C.

"I leave my Pet Ease playing in the CD player at home when I am away from home. All 3 of my dogs love it and we never had any behavior problems!"
- Kathy Tompson Surgery Clinic Dallas, Texas

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Pet Ease

Uses of Pet Ease:

  • Calms During Thunderstorms
  • During or after Operations or Sickness
  • Quiets Kennels
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Being Left Alone
  • Emotional Stress When Settling Into a New Home

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