Obedience Training and Performance

Playing Training Freedom Focus with Flow - Volume 1 and 2 quietly and continuously in the background while training your dog or horse has been very beneficial to both the animal and the owner or trainer.

Volume 1 eases the stress in the learning process. It opens up the pathway to learning. It helps both you and your animal to focus and concentrate giving an easy flow to the learning process.

Volume 2 enhances the learning in the learning process. It helps with memory retention and recall and advanced learning. It helps to retain the learned behaviour.

Both Volume 1 and 2 are required as a complete training program for your animal.

This music is very unique. It also uses the sound of birds to begin and end patterns. For some individuals, it may be challenging to listen to. Just turn the music down so that it is barely audible and continue to play it. You and your animal will benefit from it and soon you won't notice it.

Training Freedom 1 and 2 was researched under the name Infinite Mind 1 and 2 at Brock University through the Cognitive Research Laboratory. The National Research Council of Canada sponsored it.

Many trainers and dog schools have used the music.

Pet Ease has also been used by many trainers to relax and calm the animals before training begins.


Performance animals are always "on" and never fully relax or rest even in play. Pet Ease is like the best rest you have ever had for them so that they can restore much needed performance energy and to allow the stress on their bodies from performance to release. This means less vet bills and a longer and happier life.

"When I use Training Freedom/Infinite Mind in my seminars on working with your animal positively, I find that it enhances the learning process and people learn and remember the new techniques easier and without frustration."
- Robyn Hood T.T.E.A.M. International

"I was amazed when excited puppies would lie down quietly when Training Freedom 1 and 2/ Infinite Mind 1 and 2 was played during obedience classes. The puppies were more attentive to the commands and the owners were able to handle them easier. A Doberman puppy went into a trance-like state. Classes were wonderful."
- Sondra Holgate - Dog Trainer – Owner of Scarborough Dog Training Associates

"I play Training Freedom - Focus with Flow during my training sessions and immediately I noticed that not only the dogs relax but so do their owners. The music is very soothing and seems to take the edge off training, especially when people are having trouble with a new exercise. I would recommend the use of these CD's for all training facilities. "
- Renata Stickwood Go Dog Go Training Academy

"We used Training Freedom in our puppy classes. The classes and the puppies were much calmer."
- Morgan Jarvis Superdogs Central.com

Pet Ease Testimonies:

"I use Pet Ease for first nights of puppy classes and full moons. These nights are especially full of tension, noise and playfulness. I play the music softly before the dogs come in and continue this for the 45-minute classes. Since I have been using the music, I have had peaceful and calm classes. I also noticed that when the music stopped some of the dogs began to bark but once the music started again, they calmed down. During the full moon, the dogs become calm and more receptive to learning with Pet Ease playing."
- Dog Trainer, Sondra Holgate, owner of Scarborough Dog Training Associates

"I give workshops for animals and their owners. When I used Pet Ease in the background, a group of barking dogs who were terrified of being away from their owners, all of a sudden, stopped barking and relaxed. When I turned the music off they started to bark again. I have also noticed that it keeps people relaxed but focused when I am teaching new technique."
- Robyn Hood T.T.E.A.M. International

Here is a testimony for Pet Ease for horses:

"My horse, Aladdin, who is a 3-year-old pure Egyptian Arabian, was labeled as untrainable. With the regular playing of Pet Ease there was a radical, permanent change in behaviour. He was easier to handle and his physical appearance has softened and he is now very affectionate. He is much easier to school and his brightness in learning is present. Lightness in his attitude is evident."
- Heather Howarth

Photo Description

Training Freedom Vol 1

Uses of Training Freedom Vol 1

  • Helps in Obedience Training
  • Helps with Head Injuries

Training Freedom Vol 1 is esentually Infinite Mind Vol. 1
Training Freedom and Infinite Mind are the same  music and formula patterns.

Training Freedom Vol 2

Uses of Training Freedom Vol 2

  • Helps in Obedience Training
  • Helps with Head Injuries



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