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 Playing Pet Ease and/or Transcension quietly and continuously in the background in the barn releases Stress and Anxiety for your horse due to performance, trailering, vet and farrier visits. The music is very calming which helps new horses to settle in quicker and easier. It is extremely beneficial for horses that need stall rest.

"My horse, Aladdin, who is a 3-year-old pure Egyptian Arabian, was labeled as untrainable. With the regular playing of Pet Ease there was a radical, permanent change in behaviour. He was easier to handle and his physical appearance has softened and he is now very affectionate. He is much easier to school and his brightness in learning is present. Lightness in his attitude is evident."
- Heather Howarth

"Daily playing of Transcension brings calmness and peacefulness to my thoroughbred and Arabian. One of my horses that was really aggressive and angry became gentle and loving and this continued even after the music stopped. This attitude is a continual evolving change and are both having fun learning and growing together."

- Heather Howarth

"When I use Training Freedom/Infinite Mind in my seminars on working with your animal positively, I find that it enhances the learning process and people learn and remember the new techniques easier and without frustration."
- Robyn Hood T.T.E.A.M. International

Photo Description

Pet Ease

Uses of Pet Ease:

  • Calms During Thunderstorms
  • During or after Operations or Sickness
  • Quiets Kennels
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Being Left Alone
  • Emotional Stress When Settling Into a New Home


Uses of Transcension:

  • Uplifts the soul
  • Calming effect, takes you home by finding that inner peacefulness
  • Takes you to another level of moving forward
  • An autistic child came out of a tantrum with the music playing

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