Death & Dying

Playing Transcension quietly and continuously in the background eases the transition for both your animal and you before and during the last stages and the passing of your animal. For me, this has always been the hardest part. When both Rufi and Spike passed on, I used this music continually. It brought me a lot of peace. I had to put both animals down.

I played it in the car and in the office. Both animals walked in calmly and peacefully and lay down. They were ready and so was I (believe it or not). It didn’t make the pain of losing either pet any easier but I sure felt calm and peaceful inside. A quietude came over everyone in the office. There were no complications even though we weren’t sure about Spike, my wonderful German Shepherd, who stepped up to the plate after Rufus and continued my work with me.

Transcension blends piano, bells and birds together in a light, peaceful, gentle and loving harmony.

“Angels’ Music and Nature’s Sound, Uplift the Soul, Peace and Love Abound.”

is dedicated to Rufus (Rufi for short); my wonderful part husky, part Arctic Wolf who passed on in the Spring of 1995. She was with me for 17 years and she inspired all of my music that is on the animal part of my website. Transcension was her last physical gift to everyone who knew and loved her. The music was totally completed 3 days after she passed on. (For rest of the story, please read the article.)

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Uses of Transcension:

  • Uplifts the soul
  • Calming effect, takes you home by finding that inner peacefulness
  • Takes you to another level of moving forward
  • An autistic child came out of a tantrum with the music playing

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