Car Sickness, Digestive Upsets

Playing Sea Magic quietly and continuously in the background has helped ease carsickness in many animals. Owners have told me that they play the music before the animal gets into the car and then they continue the music in the car. It was interesting that another owner reading about this used Sea Magic to help keep medication down for her cat.

In Australia, an owner of a Dalmatian who was always getting carsick played Sea Magic in the car. Within minutes of working the dogs ears and playing Sea Magic, the dog curled up and went to sleep and never got carsick for the whole 6-hour trip. Now the owner plays the music for 10 minutes before the dog goes in the car and the dog settles in the car without a problem.
- Robyn Hood T.T.E.A.M. International

"I used Sea Magic to help my 12 year old cat, Buddy, from vomiting his heart medication which he had to take. When the music was playing he kept the medication down. When I gave it to him without the music, he would throw up the medication. Coincidence? I don't know but I'll keep playing the music."
- L. G. - London Ont.

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Sea Magic

Uses of Sea Magic:

  • Develops positive attitudes and creativity
  • Relaxing, calming, transports you to the sea
  • Background for art or creative writing

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