Calms During Thunderstorms

Playing Pet Ease quietly and continually in the background will help to reduce the stress, fear and anxiety your animal feels during a thunderstorm.  Most animals will relax and calm down to the music quite easily.  The first time might take 10 – 20 minutes.  As your pet gets used to the music, the time will become less and less until it becomes automatic.  As the music goes on, your pet will just automatically relax and calm down.  The formula pattern in the music helps your animal to sleep deeper. The research explains how the music works on the brainwaves.

There are always the severe cases.  If this describes your pet or animal, an entrainment program needs to be put in place.  It’s simple. It will take a few more times playing the music on your part with you being there with your pet in the beginning while the music is playing.  Play Pet Ease continually.  Pet your animal in a calming flowing manner, slowly in time with the music so your animal knows that this music is comforting and calming.  Softly stroke your animal’s ears and paws if he or she will let you.  Stay with or close to your animal while the music is being introduced.

As the days progress, you can go to the next step:

Play the music quietly and continuously in the background, a little soft stroking, then move in and out of the room, so your pet knows that you are coming back.  You will have to be the judge on when your animal is ready for you to do this.  Continue this regime until your pet automatically calms down when the music plays.

"All of my dogs are extremely nervous during severe thunderstorms.  After 20 minutes of playing Pet Ease, they were all quietly sleeping. I was impressed.  When I have to do minor surgical procedures or dentistry the dog is less stressed when the tape is being played.  I would recommend that kennels and sick wards play this music for an overall calming effect."
- Dr. S. K. Veterinarian

"Usually our dog Taz, a miniature Schnauzer hides when there is a thunderstorm.  We played Pet Ease during the storm and he didn’t hide, get antsy or hide.  He stayed in the room with us and settled right down."
- Ted & Sheryl Howarth

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Pet Ease

Uses of Pet Ease:

  • Calms During Thunderstorms
  • During or after Operations or Sickness
  • Quiets Kennels
  • Sleeping Disorders
  • Being Left Alone
  • Emotional Stress When Settling Into a New Home

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