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Using the Online Shopping Cart

You may enter up to 20 items to a Shopping Cart by clicking on 'Add to Shopping Cart' button on the Product Lists for the items you wish to order. Some items may have options which must be specified so that we know which version of that product you wish to order. Don't worry, if you miss a required Option, the Shopping Cart program will show you an error message and you can easily go back and fix it.

If you wish to delete an item from the Shopping Cart, you can either click on the 'Delete Item' button on the Shopping Cart or set the quantity for that item to '0' and then click on the 'Change Quantity' button for that item.

If you wish to increase or decrease the quantity of an item, use the select a new quantity from the pulldown list for that item to indicate the quantity required and then click on the 'Change Quantity' button for that item.

When you have all of the products selected which you would like to order, you are ready to submit your Shopping Cart for processing. To proceed, click on the green 'Check Out Now' button which is at the bottom of the Shopping Cart. If you wish to cancel the Shopping Cart, click on the red 'Abandon Shopping Cart' button at the bottom of the Shopping Cart.

Please be sure to review the information carefully on your Shopping Cart because changes will be locked out once you submit the Shopping Cart for processing.

Please note that all prices on the Shopping Cart are shown in $CA.

Please note that Shipping and Customs Duty (where applicable) are NOT shown on this Shopping Cart.

If you encounter any problems please contact our Technical Support by emailing
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