Educational Music To Enhance Learning

In the early 1990’s, I went back into teaching. I was teaching in a private School that specialized in students with a lot of different abilities: gifted, ADD, ADHD, and learning challenges,

Outside of the school system, in my “I Love Music” program, I was also working with Autistic, Down Syndrome, and Handicapped Students of all ages. I applied a lot of my holistic skills to help them achieve a higher level of understanding, learning easier and in the way that best suited them.

I also began writing music to play quietly in the background while they were learning or doing their work. In the classroom, I used it continually, every day and observed the changes in my students. The staff and professional educators noticed that my students were more focused. They could concentrate for a longer period of time. They understood new concepts easier, and they began and completed assignments faster. Tests results were higher.

In my I Love Music School, I began an Individualized Music Therapy program that was geared to each student.
At that time, I was also working with Dr. Patricia Kerr and I had many opportunities to write specialized music for her clients. 
She told the National Research Council of Canada about my work and Infinite Joy, Infinite Mind 1 and 2 were researched at Brock University over a 7-month testing period.

This music, as you probably noticed, helps with many different aspects. There have been many people: adults of all ages, children, students, infants, special needs, and head-injured who have benefited from this music. 
Over the years, I have had many positive testimonies about the music.

Click on Research to read about the discoveries and how the music enhanced the brain wave patterns. 

Ways to Use this music at home:

  1. Play the music quietly and continuously in the background. Because the music is different in it’s design and patterning, it sometimes needs to be played almost subliminally at first for the Body and Mind to integrate with it.
  2. Give the music a chance. For some people, the music will work in the first 10 minutes. Because we are all different, the music might take time before it works. Perhaps the music will need to be listened to a number of times over and then all of a sudden, there will be a change. Perhaps you will need music with a different formula pattern.
We live in such an instantaneous world that if something doesn’t work in the first couple of minutes it’s discarded.
  3. As you use the music more often, it will work faster because you become entrained to the music.
  4. When I don’t have the music available, I will find myself humming it. This has happened many times in my classroom. I won’t have turned it on and I can hear my students humming the music.
  5. This music can be played during the day and night.
  6. Have your child snuggle with his or her favourite stuffed animal while the music is playing quietly in the background. Resting is beneficial too.
  7. Infinite Joy is wonderful to go to sleep with. Even if your child doesn’t go to sleep right away, he or she is getting the benefit of the brain waves moving into 4th stage delta as well as equally activating the beta brain wave patterns. The 4th stage delta, according to the scientist I worked with, is where the stress is released, the healing takes place, the learning takes place and the protein is assimilated in the brain.

You can benefit from it too. I know I do.

Photo Description

Illuminating The Shadow

Uses of Illuminating the Shadow

Illuminating the Shadow helps to balance the left and right brain. It helps to restore the natural equilibrium and deal with with sleep deprivation.

  • Neutralizes and transmutes negative behavioral patterns that can cause confusion, depression, fear, anxiety and stress.
  • Expands and strengthens the awareness of love, joy, faith, hope, compassion
  • Left and Right Brain Integration that may enhance visual acuity
  • can be used in focusing and aligning the body in all aspects
  • for contemplation, meditation and deep relaxation
  • develops creativity through inspiration
  • creates a state of calmness

Infinite Joy

Uses of Infinite Joy:

  • Helps with sleep deprivation
  • Helps with focus and concentration
  • Especially beneficial for children and adults with A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Learning difficulties printing and handwriting-eliminates stress, enhances flow

Infinite Mind Vol.1

Uses of Infinite Mind Vol. 1:

    easily and effortlessly without stress.
  • Benefits adult, students and animals
  • Memory, recall, mental stability and clarity
  • Helps the rote learning process
  • Helps people of all ages with learning or memory retention difficulties

Infinite Mind Vol.2

Uses of Infinite Mind Vol. 2:

  • Easily and effortlessly without stress.
  • Benefits adult, students and animals
  • Accelerates the learning process
  • Research and projects can be  completed quicker
  • Helps when studying for exams or reading difficult text
  • Enhances organizational skills
  • Complete reports, housework, etc. quickly and efficiently

Sea Magic

Uses of Sea Magic:

  • Develops positive attitudes and creativity
  • Relaxing, calming, transports you to the sea
  • Background for art or creative writing


Uses of Transcension:

  • Uplifts the soul
  • Calming effect, takes you home by finding that inner peacefulness
  • Takes you to another level of moving forward
  • An autistic child came out of a tantrum with the music playing

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