Printing and Handwriting

Playing Infinite Joy continuously and quietly in the background helps to enhance the student's hand and eye coordination and muscle memory when they are learning and printing or writing their letters and numbers. They relax, slow down and flow with the music. Their writing becomes easier, neater, and more controlled. They don't get as tired.

The music is also beneficial when the student is writing a journal, with creative writing or copying from a book or from the board.

“I used Infinite Joy, constantly in my classroom when we were learning to print and write. It made an incredible difference. The frustration level went down and actually this time period for them became easy and fun. There was also a marked improvement in their reading and writing stories. I now use it constantly with the students I’m tutoring.”

- Sharon Russell

Photo Description

Infinite Joy

Uses of Infinite Joy:

  • Helps with sleep deprivation
  • Helps with focus and concentration
  • Especially beneficial for children and adults with A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Learning difficulties printing and handwriting-eliminates stress, enhances flow

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