Focusing, Concentration

Playing Infinite Joy continuously and quietly in the background helps with focus and concentration in the classroom, in the workplace, and at home.

When I taught school I played Infinite Joy throughout the day. I Interspersed it with Infinite Mind 1 and 2. When I didn’t play it my students would hum it.

The students would get down to work within a few minutes. It was especially beneficial for those students who had difficulties in settling down and getting on with the task at hand.


Infinite Joy is also being used in a variety of regular grade classrooms in an inner city school setting in Scarborough. Used during focused work periods and silent reading periods the teachers have consistently reported a general calming and focusing influence on the students. Students also request the music if the teacher does not play it which would reflect the children's own awareness of the benefits of the music.”

- Robert Bedford - Teacher and Librarian

"In school, my students' ability to focus on their work improves substantially when I play Infinite Joy quietly in the classroom." 

- Kyla Lightfoot, Teacher

"When I was doing my project. I had a very hard time concentrating on putting it together. I played Infinite Joy and my project was completed before I knew it.”

- Timothy Benson – student

"Infinite Mind helps me focus so that I can concentrate on reading or creative tasks. As a result, I can be much more productive and stay on task longer. I have copied it to my MP3 player so I can block out external distractions and play it on a continuous basis."

- B. Grigor

Photo Description

Infinite Joy

Uses of Infinite Joy:

  • Helps with sleep deprivation
  • Helps with focus and concentration
  • Especially beneficial for children and adults with A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Learning difficulties printing and handwriting-eliminates stress, enhances flow

Infinite Mind Vol.1

Uses of Infinite Mind Vol. 1:

    easily and effortlessly without stress.
  • Benefits adult, students and animals
  • Memory, recall, mental stability and clarity
  • Helps the rote learning process
  • Helps people of all ages with learning or memory retention difficulties

Infinite Mind Vol.2

Uses of Infinite Mind Vol. 2:

  • Easily and effortlessly without stress.
  • Benefits adult, students and animals
  • Accelerates the learning process
  • Research and projects can be  completed quicker
  • Helps when studying for exams or reading difficult text
  • Enhances organizational skills
  • Complete reports, housework, etc. quickly and efficiently

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