Ken LaDeroute. Affirmation Power offers daily motivational affirmation, new age music online and meditation resources to support personal growth and development. Slideshow

Creo Mundi. Discover the Secret Powers of Positive Intention.

Charlene Boyd: Animal Communicator.  You can learn more about animal communication and the services offered, as well as stories from fellow animal lovers, view past issues of the tremendously popular and free monthly newsletter, Talking-To-Animals, and sign up for upcoming workshops taught on learning how to better communicate with your animals.

Donna Korchinski a Calgary dowser and a member of the Canadian Society of Questers. Donna works as a medical intuitive, using dowsing techniques. She also practises Pranic Healing and is an intuitive writer The covers for Infinite Joy, Sea Magic and Transcension were magically created and designed by Brad Grigor.  When I discussed the purpose of the music with Brad, I knew that I could easily leave the artwork in his hands.
Sure enough, he captured the essence of the music and my thoughts and transformed them into these amazing CD covers. I love his work. He is wonderful to work with. Thanks so much for everything, Brad... Sharon

Here's some background:

"Brad Grigor is a "digital" artist, which means he creates his images within his computer. In effect, he "paints with pixels". While some of his work is more-or-less straight photography, the majority of his work involves creating, manipulating and compositing many distinct visual elements to realize his artistic intent. He produces his own museum-quality prints on canvas and other fine paper. His images explore religious, political, spiritual and emotional themes and frequently include faces, buildings, machines, man-made artifacts, abstract shapes and patterns. His piece "Wings" was selected for the "Gifted Artist Series" by Common Ground 2008 ( for its representation of hope in the struggle against environmental issues. Brad lives in Saltair, British Columbia with his wife, Peggy, who is an accomplished potter, and three cats."

Lynn McKenzie is a natural born Intuitive and Empath. She has combined her life-long love for, and connection to animals, with her passion and gifts for healing and counselling, to create international recognition as an Animal Intuitive. Trained in Animal Communication by pioneer specialist Penelope Smith, Lynn is also a Certified Spiritual Psychotherapist (Transformational Arts College graduate), and Subtle Energy Healer.

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