Pregnancy, Labour and Afterwards

During Pregnancy:

Playing Infinite Joy quietly in the background during the day and at night while you sleep keeps you feeling calm and peaceful which also gives your growing baby a calm and peaceful environment in which to develop.

During Labour:

Many women have used the music during labour. The music helps them to rest better between contractions. It helps to alleviate the stress for both the Mom and her baby.

Playing Infinite Joy helps keep them calmer, gives them a deeper rest and has made the delivery less stressful. Most hospitals will let you take a CD player or walkman in with you as long as it’s on batteries.

After the birth:

Your baby and you will need your rest not only after the birth but also for the months to come. Your baby will already know and feel the comfort of Infinite Joy.

Playing Infinite Joy quietly in the background while you are feeding or bathing your baby, or when you and /or your baby are napping will bring a peaceful, relaxing calmness for both of you.

I've noticed that when I play Infinite Joy both my baby and my older children sleep more easily."
Jean Foglesong, Artist

“I used Infinite Joy, during my pregnancy and labour. I was calmer and so was my baby. The music settled me down during labour. I was able to rest and even sleep between contractions. I continued to play the music after my little girl was born and we had many days and nights of peaceful rest and sleep. I still continue to play it.”
T. T. (first-time Mom)

Photo Description

Infinite Joy

Uses of Infinite Joy:

  • Helps with sleep deprivation
  • Helps with focus and concentration
  • Especially beneficial for children and adults with A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Learning difficulties printing and handwriting-eliminates stress, enhances flow

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