Anxiety, Depression, Balance

Playing Illuminating The Shadow quietly and continuously in the background brings balance, joy and love back into our hearts. This music is a three-part journey. It starts with where you are feeling. If you are dealing with deep anxiety or depression, it’s usually a paralyzed feeling of just not wanting to do anything. Staying in bed all day is perfectly fine. This is good because Illuminating the Shadow helps us to sleep deeply and that’s where the healing takes place. Then the music moves you to the second stage. The stage of getting out of bed and trying to get through your day as best you can. It’s taking that next step out there and moving from the shadow into the daylight. The 3rd step of your journey is welcoming in the new day, the love and joy of being here. The feeling of your inner world balancing with your outer world.

This music needs to play over time. Depending on where you are at, I would play it continuously until you are feeling better.

Many practitioners have used it in their practice and have found that it helps to bring a very deep healing to their clients.

“For the past 2 years, I have been working with people with life threatening illnesses. I have been using therapeutic touch and healing touch within the hospice community-based program with my clients. My clients continually request Illuminating the Shadow, over other music that I have used, while we do the relaxation techniques. Some clients have visualized profound colour and intense relaxation. This music has a two-fold purpose. Being the facilitator, I have been able to do 5 – 5-hour sessions a week without getting tired. It keeps me centered. This deep relaxation has been awesome. I still continue to use Illuminating the Shadow to this day".
- Sally Blaney, Retired Registered Nurse

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Illuminating The Shadow

Uses of Illuminating the Shadow

Illuminating the Shadow helps to balance the left and right brain. It helps to restore the natural equilibrium and deal with with sleep deprivation.

  • Neutralizes and transmutes negative behavioral patterns that can cause confusion, depression, fear, anxiety and stress.
  • Expands and strengthens the awareness of love, joy, faith, hope, compassion
  • Left and Right Brain Integration that may enhance visual acuity
  • can be used in focusing and aligning the body in all aspects
  • for contemplation, meditation and deep relaxation
  • develops creativity through inspiration
  • creates a state of calmness

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