About Sharon Howarth-Russell

Hi my name is Sharon. I began studying the piano at the age of four and turned music into my career as performer, entertainer, composer, teacher and researcher.

Since 1985, I have been researching and composing music to enhance the processes of education, health and healing for adults, children, babies, and pets and I have integrated many holistic modalities into my music.

The National Research of Canada, supported a seven month intensive research project with Brock Universityin the Cognitive Research Laboratory to study the effects of my music with the elderly, brain injured, students with learning difficulties and university students.

I give seminars and workshops on The Power, The Impact and The Benefits of Music as well as producing MUSICAL RAINBOW CD’s to enhance people's and animal's well-being.

I run a music school called “I LOVE MUSIC”. I was also an elementary teacher for many years and I have developed a music program called “Vibrations” which teaches children with learning challenges using my music and other alternative methods.  

For fun, I also play in an Old Time Rock and Roll Band - 50’s and early ‘60’s part-time band called “The Lincolnaires”. The band originators have been together for nearly 50 years.

As you can see, my LOVE of MUSIC has led me down many wonderful roads of diversity. I know I’ve been given an amazing gift – the Healing Power of Music and I continue to share my gift with as many people and animals in as many different ways that I am capable of..

Today, I continue to write and research music. I’m still intrigued by it’s magic, power and impact on everyone’s life.

Musical Rainbows Galore to you,

Sharon's Bio

I started researching and developing this style of music in 1986.  The music has helped me, my family, my son, my friends, their children and babies, my students, teachers, practitioners, and many people that I have met personally and even people that I haven’t met personally in all walks of life.

My whole life was based around music.  Although I was a Grade 4 and 5 teacher, I specialized in teaching music as well. I even stopped teaching and co-owned and co-created a showband called the Great Rufus Road Machine and “went on the road” for 15 years.

I loved the band life. It was a lot of fun. I saw a lot of the country, I met a lot of people.  We were able to make people laugh and have a good time when we played.  They watched the show, they danced, they were able to forget their daily routine and have fun. I was living my passion.  We were very successful.  When the band came to an end, I had a huge change in every aspect of my life, as I knew it. I went through months and months of emotional despair, not knowing what to do next and never wanting to play music ever again.  I didn’t even want to listen to it as it brought back too many memories.  I was looking for the next step.  I was trying to get my life back together. At that time, I didn’t want to go back into teaching. I started to study a number of different holistic modalities.  Shiatsu being one of them.  I kept seeing the connection between music and these various modalities.  But, I was adamant that I didn’t want anything to do with music and kept walking away from these Ah-ha’s.

One day, my brother Don called me and said, “ What’s your next goal.”  I told him I didn’t have one nor did I want one.  Being a goal-setting businessman, he told me he’d call me back in three days for the answer. Of course, in three days he called me back.  Of course, I hadn’t thought about it. He wanted an answer.  So off the top of my head I said, “I’m going to heal the world with my music.”  I think I took him back a bit. I took myself back. I was never expecting that to pop out of my mouth.  There was dead silence on the phone and then he said quietly, “ Couldn’t you have thought of anything easier!!!!”

He was right. What a statement to make. Little did I know at that moment, that it was the music that was going to heal me. I soon realized with all the courses that I was taking that I needed to turn that statement around and decided to use the music to heal myself and if it helped others too then that was a bonus. 

This musical ride has been an amazing adventure. I’ve learned so much. I’ve met so many wonderful people who have helped me with my journey and process and I have been fortunate to share my gift of music with others. It has been an interesting and rewarding road.

Let me regress a little:

I was very fortunate to have a Mom and Dad who both played the piano.  There was always music in my house.  They both played different styles, my Mom classical to modern and my Dad jazz.  They would both play to have fun but also to relax after a busy day. When I was upset, I would play the piano until I felt better.  My Mom would say that to me too. “Are you feeling better now, Sharon.”  I would ask her how she knew.  Her reply was that when I started I was banging on the piano but just before I stopped, I was playing with gentleness and expression.  The music would just flow through me.  I was using music as therapy back when I was in public school and I didn’t know it.

Because of this, I was always open to a variety of styles of music.  I was always learning new styles and ways of playing the piano.  I also liked the theory and harmony side of music.  The understanding for me was easy.

I’m sure it was because of my Mom and Dad’s support, my openness, my intrigue of the workings of music, my insatiable learning of holistic modalities and how all things are connected that led me to write music that optimized the brainwave patterns, the body rhythms, and emotions by integrating notes, frequencies, tempos and rhythms to bring back the over-all balance.

When I started composing this type of music, I really didn’t know why it was working.  I kept trying to find books on the subject. People to talk to. Finally, I went to a lecture that I was interested in and out of the blue this wonderful woman by the name of Dr. Patricia Kerr that I was listening to said, “ After the break I’m going to talk about my specialty…Colour and Sound.”

I sat there dumb-founded.  This is what I had been looking and asking for.  That wasn’t what she was advertised to talk about.

I think this was Divine Intervention.  I could hardly contain myself. Question after question came out of my mouth. I wanted to know everything she knew. So she could get on with her lecture she said, “ Young lady (I was young then) I think you need to come and see me at the farm or we will be here through the night and I will never finish my lecture.”

We became wonderful friends.  She was a mentor extraordinaire.  She taught me amazing insights and I added my knowledge of music.  She helped me to understand why the music was working.  She introduced me to a variety of different people’s research and works on various topics.  I kept connecting the music to everything.  She introduced me to the research of Dr. Royal Rife and how he discovered various frequencies to heal certain diseases.

Pat and I became colleagues in a way, but we both continued to do our own research and we would bounce ideas off each other.  We had many wonderful years together, laughing, singing, playing music, giving workshops and developing ways to help people in distress.  Pat passed on in July 2001. I miss those times.

Today, I continue to write and research music.  I’m still intrigued by it’s magic, power and impact on everyone’s life.



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